Finally, The Complete Training Program Designed To Take You From Blushing With Embarrassment To Glowing With Confidence.

BRAND NEW : Discover A Powerful Treatment For Blushing Not Available Anywhere Else. Created To Be The Most Complete Stop Blushing Confidence Course Ever!

Master Many Techniques To Be Cool, Calm And Confident, Without The Fear Of Blushing

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How do the most calm and confident  people in the world of entertainment, business and politics get to a level where they can perform in front of millions of people without fear… whilst many others are too afraid to be truly independent and shape their own lives without fear of embarrassment – and hence fear of blushing? Is it possible for anyone to reach these levels of blush free confidence? Yes.

In this Free Exclusive video training series, you will discover…

  • “The Stop Blushing Blueprint”  the step by step 6A model strategy describing many of the techniques used by many of the world’s most successful people.
  • Methods to fulfilling your life’s needs by seeing what’s missing from your life and how to get the confidence to be your best self in any situation with a FREE personal Quality of Life (QoL) Assessment Report.
  • The World’s First hypnotherapy designed to replicate the ETS Operation    (Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy), without any of the potential side effects.
  • A video on taking control of your life, revealing strategies on controlling your emotional responses.
  • How to use the skills in this programme to stop blushing and shyness.
  • A  FREE PDF mini e-book on the Art of Confident Conversation including a BONUS list of conversational openers you can use yourself anytime, anywhere.
  • …and LOTS more besides!

You get the intro video series the personal Quality of Life (QoL) Assessment Report AND The art of confident conversation including a BONUS list of conversational openers for you to use – FREE … just tell me where to send it, so put your email in the box above and you can start taking your first steps to a blush free life of confidence, success and happiness.

The Stop Blushing Blueprint is a high end training course that works with different modules, exercises, recordings and hypnosis to give you the knowledge, understanding, confidence and belief to minimise any anxiety you used to have in uncomfortable situations and therefore stopping you from blushing and hence allow you to be your best self. The hypnosis in this course follows a 2003 study in Konstanz University Germany by Flammer and Bongartz which found that of people suffering from situations of fear and anxiety just 27% improved through life experience and other forms of self help where as there was a 74% success rate with those using hypnotherapy.

The Psychologist Professor Robert Edelman has stated that taking control of blushing can be achieved by breaking the vicious cycle of embarrassment and blushing – this is what the Stop Blushing Blueprint has been designed to do.


“After completing the “Stop Blushing Blueprint” I would evaluate my experience as a personal journey to success. The blueprint consists of enriched resources such as videos, challenge worksheets and audio clips, which can be utilised as an aid to enhance your success of overcoming blushing once and for all. The valuable key to the blueprint in my opinion is how the creator (Marvin Phythian) is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist and was once a blusher himself, which assured me the service is honest, personal and fully researched.”

Claire O’Doherty

Results Disclaimer

­­­We don’t believe in programs promoting unrealistic claims – only in hard work, adding value and serving people to the best of our ability. This program is intended to stop you from blushing in situations you previously did. As stipulated by law, in promoting this and all programs we cannot and do not make results guarantees. That is why it’s important you read all of the terms and disclaimers via the links below as you are not guaranteed to get results.  It’s all the regular legal speak but we want to be transparent in all our dealings with people just like you. It is important that we hold ourselves (and you) to a high standard of integrity. Thank you for stopping by.